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Setting Up A Fully Automated Fleet Preventative Maintenance Program
Originally posted by Daniel Ng on June 25, 2013.

The Maximo Asset Management System has a fairly robust Preventative Maintenance (PM) module to help you proactively manage your fleet vehicles. The PM can be set up to auto-generate work orders (e.g., for servicing, inspections and repairs) based on elapsed time (i.e., time-based), metered usage (i.e., meter-based) or a combination of both. The maintenance and repair cost can be tracked and monitored in work orders, and be further analyzed.

But as most fleet managers can tell you, the key to an effective PM program starts with having access to accurate and timely mileage data. Out-of-the-box, Maximo requires you to manually enter mileage data into the system at regular frequency. If you own a large fleet of vehicles, this can prove to be a tedious, time-consuming and error-prone data entry task. Eliminating this manual data collection process makes perfect business sense.

Luckily, there are many commercial products that can capture mileage data electronically for you. Once you have that, you can then leverage the Maximo Integration Framework (MIF) to bring the data across into Maximo and this will effectively eliminate the manual process.


One such commercial product worth mentioning is an Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) solution called DataTrans from Tach West Technologies Ltd. Please note that I am not affiliated with the vendor nor am I endorsing this product. This particular product does have an intriguing wireless drive-by data download feature which I will share below.

With DataTrans, each vehicle will be equipped with a data acquisition unit. The unit will automatically capture data such as odometer readings, engine hours and etc.. When a vehicle returns to depot or station at end of shift, data can be automatically transmitted to DataTrans via wireless connection (see illustration to the right).

Essentially, what this means is that we now have all the pieces to put together a fully automated PM program whereby daily odometer updates are automatically imported into Maximo and Maximo PM will monitor your fleet assets for you and will automatically generate work orders when trigger-point has been reached.

This entire process requires no human intervention and is seamless. No action is required of your drivers and no one needs to manually track and input mileage data into either systems. If this automated process doesn't please your fleet manager, then perhaps only a raise will.

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