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Inventory Issue Application
Originally posted by Daniel Ng on May 16, 2012.

About This Application


This is a custom .NET Windows application designed for batch issuing inventory items from a storeroom. This application is integrated with the IBM Maximo Asset Management System. All inventory data are pulled from the Maximo system into this custom application and all issued transactions are sent back into the Maximo system via the Maximo Integration Framework.

How it works is this: on application load, all inventory items from a given storeroom (or storerooms) will be loaded dynamically onto the screen. All items are arranged under different tabs based on their commodity group for easy searching. User will then proceed to select one or more items to issue. There are many ways an item can be selected including using a barcode reader. These options are described in section below. Selected items will be displayed on the check-out table. Once selection is complete, user can click on the Issue Item(s) button to issue those selected items. All issued transactions will be sent to the Maximo system seamlessly behind-the-scene.

User Interface Explained

Please refer to the following illustration and the accompanied explanation.

Figure 1: User interface explained. Click on image to enlarge.
  1. Selected inventory item is highlighted on the screen.
  2. Item code (as defined in Maximo).
  3. Item description (as defined in Maximo).
  4. Green means in stock, while red means out of stock.
  5. Click to view the item picture. Available only if an image is attached to the item in Maximo.
  6. Click to view the item issued history (as recorded in Maximo).
  7. Click to view item attributes (as defined in Maximo).
  8. Click to de-select the item.
  9. Issue unit for the item (as defined in Maximo).
  10. Check-out table.
  11. Barcode reader activation area. For keyboard wedge type barcode reader only.
  12. Click to get scanned item(s) from a memory barcode reader.
  13. Click to upload text file.
  14. User can specify issue quantity here.
  15. Click to issue selected items.

Select Item Options

There are several ways in which user can select an item to issue from a storeroom.

Option Description
1 Click on item The simplest way is to click on any item on the screen.
2 Using a keyboard wedge type barcode reader In order to use this mode, user needs to first activate an area on the screen by placing the mouse cursor there (see item #11 as marked on Figure 1). Next, user simply scans an item using a keyboard wedge type barcode reader connected to the user machine.
3 Using a memory barcode reader User can click on the Get Data button to download scanned item(s) from a memory barcode reader connected to the user machine. Only the OPL9728 model barcode reader is supported.
4 Upload flat file User can click on the File Upload button to upload a comma-delimited text file. The text file must contain at least 2 columns of data. The first column has the item barcode and the second has the issue quantity. This text file can be manually generated or it can come from a memory barcode reader.

All selected items will be highlighted on the screen and will be added to the check-out table if not already added. If an item has been previously added, the system will just increment the issue quantity by 1 for that item.

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